Me collecting your media

If you are within a reasonable distance of Newbury/M4/A34 junction then I may be able to collect from you and return later. Please just ask.

It will cost you something but we will agree on what up front.

I hope this may make the difference between getting the job done and not bothering.

I will prefer to post it all back to you (signed for) but only after the digitised versions are safely stored & backed up on my own kit. Though unlikely, if media is lost in the post then at least the new digital versions exist and they can always be re-printed.

I will consider collecting from these areas if the quantity is worth my while:

  • Newbury

  • Oxford

  • Abingdon

  • Swindon

  • Winchester

  • Basingstoke

  • Reading

Why scan old media?

Various reasons really, but primarily just to get your family photographs into a more manageable and useable format. I did my father’s oldest slides from the 1940s onwards simply because I’d never seen the images before and my young family would never see them unless I did this.

Other more specific reasons may be:

  1. Christmas photo books for older relatives who are unable to do it themselves.

  2. Big birthday photo books.

  3. Big anniversary photo books.

  4. Party posters / banners / bunting / table ware (mugs / placemats).

  5. Sadly also – inmemoriam cards.

The technical process

  1. I take slides/negatives and “puff” them as clean as possible manually then scan them on an Epson flat-bed scanner.

  2. If some scanned images have large imperfections then I will attempt to manually smooth them out using the software I use.

  3. I will try & keep your media in the same sequence, but this may not always work so if it is important you must tell me up front.

  4. Your images are saved as JPEG files on my computer and backed up to at least 2 other devices I own.

  5. I will supply a copy of your files on an unencrypted USB stick.

  6. If you want early exposure to the results I can upload examples to my Google Drive and share a secure link with you so that you can see them before I have finished. If you only want the files on Google Drive and not USB stick then I can do that for you as you can download full resolution images from there.


Photo books

Old slides re-produced in large format photo books for older relatives are an absolute gem. But they take ages to do and cost a fair bit. Ask me about doing this if you not inclined to do it yourself. Be prepared for the cost being quite significant, could be £100+. 


In my experience the quality of a scanned image is only as good as the source material. I know this sounds obvious but some people may believe you can create a wonderfully crisp HD image from a 40 year old slide that has always been blurred, sorry not possible, if it was originally blurred then it will stay blurred.

If you think the quality of the photos on my website are good then you’ll be happy enough when viewing yours on a tablet, laptop, smart TV or projected image.


What I cannot do:

  1. Picture colouration of B&W images

  2. Image repairs (broken or cracked paper photos)

  3. Large format slides and negatives

I use Epson flat bed scanners with ICE technology to remove dust etc


My website

This is a free Wix website, it shows the scanned images well enough for you to get an idea of how they will appear to you when you view them.



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These details were last updated on:

14th Sept 2020